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Revelation 22

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     Again. This study is verse by verse, IMAGE by Image, IDEA by Idea, and concept by concept. Which means it is a Marathon.
     We are using sources that John the Apostle and those mentioned as the recipients of the letter, the Seven Churches and other First Century Christians, the majority of which were Jews, would / should / could have been familiar with. We will also reference newer translations and versions of the book, beginning with the 1560 Geneva Bible (the bulk source for the 1611 KJV, which we also use) all the way up to much more current publications, and examinations of the text from various scholars, as well as beginning the analysis of the text from the Greek.
     It should be said here, as we are beginning with the Greek, we are going in remembering that John was writing in an 'apocalyptic' style. It seems many translations have forgotten that and 'moderated' the language.
"The end of life is to be like God, and the soul following God will be like Him."
- Socrates

     John's tour with the 'seventh angel' continues.
     And he showed a river “hydatos zoes” (water of life), clear as crystal flowing out of the throne of God and the Lamb.

     And in the “meso tes plateias” (middle of the 'public' square) and of the river, “enteuthen kai ekeithen” (on every side) was a “xylon zoes” (tree of life), producing “karpous” twelve, “kata mena” (per the month), “hekaston apodidoun” (each of them giving) the fruit of it, the “phylla” (leaves) of the tree are for the “therapeian” (therapy / healing) of the nations.

     And any “katathema” (curse / accursed thing) not exist any longer. And the throne of God and the Lamb will be in it, and those “douloi” (enslaved / bonded to) Him will serve Him.

     And they will see “prosopon” (the front) of God...

A Moses Tangent
     In Exodus 33 God passes by Moses so that he could see 'the back' of God because no one can see His face.
     In all of the appearances since, there has been clouds, or a voice from heaven, such as at the Baptism of Christ, or the one seeing a vision of God isn't around long, which happened at the stoning of Stephen in Acts 7. He saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God, but what he could see of God he never had a chance to say.
     In his encounter on the road, Saul, soon to be called Paul, saw something which blinded him. It is always assumed that it was Jesus as it was the Lord that spoke to him, but there is nothing in the text that is exclusive to any other heavenly figure was in the vision.
     Coming to Revelation, the visions of the Figure on the Throne is described in terms of light and color, but not as a recognizable form. Until now, within sight of the end of the book.
End tangent
     ... and the name of Him will be on their foreheads.

     Again the text says the night shift is out of a job, and there's no streetlights.
     ... and they “basileusousin” (will rule) with Him in perpetuity.

     It is apparently the angel that speaks to John again.
     These “logoi” (topic / words) are trustworthy and genuine. And the Lord, the God of the “pneumaton ton propheton” (breath /spirit of the prophets) sent an angel to show his servants the things to come quickly.

     The speaker changes, but the new voice is not identified immediately.
     Behold, “erchomai tachy” ((I) come speedily / quickly). “makarios” (happy / to be envied (blessed)) is the one “teron” (holding / keeping / guarding) the “logous” (words (more 'the message')) of this “propheteias” (revealed truth / prophecy) 'in this book'.

     John identifies himself again, and...
     “akouon” (heard and comprehended) and “blepon” (saw and discerned) this. And when I 'heard and saw' I “epesa proskynesai emprosthen ” (fell prostrate (to worship) in front of) the feet of the angel.

     And he said, “Hora me” (understand not)....
     The angel is saying that John doesn't understand who the messenger is.
     “syndoulos” (co-slave) with you I am, and with the “adelphon” (brothers) the “propheton” (prophets), and with those keeping the words of this book. God “proskyneson” ('worship')!

     And he said to John
     Not “sphragises” (set a seal upon) the 'message / words' of this prophecy, for the time is near.

     The one “adikon” (acting unjustly / causing harm), let him “adikesato eti” (act unjustly/ cause harm yet/ even now); and he who is “rhyparos” (defiled / morally wicked), let him be “rhypantheto eti”.... and he who is “dikaios... dikaiosynen (equitable / just), and he that is “hagios .... hagiastheto” (set apart by God)....

     Behold, “erchomai tachy” ((I) come quickly) and the “erchomai mou” (wages / reward from me) is with me “apodounai hekasto” (to give to every one) as to his “ergon” (acts / toils).

     As in the NIV.

     “Makarioi” (happy/ to be envied/...) those that "plynontes" (to wash / washing) their robes, “hina estai he exousia auton” (so 'they' will have the privilege) to the tree of life, and by the gates shall they enter into the city.
     This is interesting advice, it is an active statement, these people Have Done Something (besides their laundry).

     “exo hoi” (outside are) “kynes” (dogs ('unclean' detested by Jews)... “pharmakoi ... pornoi .... phoneis ... eidololatrai” (in order: sorcerers ... prostitutes (especially male) ... murderers ... image worshipers), “kai pas philon kai poion pseudos” (and all loving/ 'a friend of' and make / construct untruth).

     I, Iesous, “epempsa” (put forth) the angel from me to “martyresai” (bear witness / testify) to these things in the “ekklesiais” (churches). I am the “rhiza” (root) and the “genos” (family / descendant) of David, “ho aster ho lampros ho proinos” (the star bright in the morning).

     And the “Pneuma” (Spirit) and the “nymphe” (bride) say “Erchou” (Come)! “kai ho akouon eipato” (and the one hearing say) come! And the one thirsting, let him come; the one “thelon” (wishing / willing), let him take the water of life freely.

     The NIV is on target.

     First half is spot on. ...will take away God the “meros autou” (share of him) from the tree of life, and out of the city holy written about in 'this book'.

20 and 21

End Revelation Chapter Study. Sources used throughout entire study:
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