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Bible Study, The Minor Prophets: Introduction and Index

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Posted on CCPC's website 2022

      This is a long term, in depth, wide focus study of the Minor Prophets, drawing as much from the history of their times as possible, as well as looking at the original language of the prophet.

      This time out was at the request of a close associate of The Media Desk who in the discussion said that they had never been in a Bible Study that dug deep into these books. They always just looked up a verse or two in them, then moved on.
      As it turns out, there's a reason 'nobody studies them'. That is because they are difficult to study. Most of the language is Hebrew poetry. Not only that, it is Ancient Hebrew Poetry. With a pinch of Apocalyptic Imagery stirred in just to keep it interesting. There are references to some obscure kings of both of the Jewish nations from the time, as well as outside powers like Assyria, and then we trip over pagan deities like Ba'al and Asherah (by various spellings), as well as certain Jewish peculiarities.
      So, let's see.... a dozen books that nobody else goes through in any depth, packed with arcane references, written in a language that's hard to wade through and sort out the meaning. Is the Desk in? .... what do you think?

      Of course, along the way, there will be special pieces about everything from the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel”, and we'll look at Ba'al and his friends, as well as perhaps a trip to Assur in the Assyrian Empire and then downriver to Babylon, and all of the other tangents and side features that make a Media Desk special a Media Desk special.

      And, As Always: These Bible Study Lessons are posted as a reference document to begin a conversation of the topic. And that's it. Please accept them at such.

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    Also: all Bible quotations are used and attributed within the normal guidelines for this type of study.

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