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Yo-Yo for Jesus

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    I would like to compare a human being with a yo-yo.

    I was a janitor in a school and I had just finished dust mopping a hallway. I stooped down to pick up the dirt and this thought came into my head.

    Compare a human being to a yo-yo.

    There are different sizes of yo-yos. There are different colors of yo-yos. The same with people. When the yo-yo is wound up you can compare it to a person being wound up for Jesus. When the yo-yo is in your hand, it is as if you are in God's Hands.

    Anybody that has ever played with a yo-yo will know that in time the string will get tangled up. Just like the yo-yo, people's lives get tangled up (drugs / alcohol / divorce).
    When the yo-yo is at the bottom of the string it is the same as a human being down in the dumps (depressed / suicidal) - when you are the furthest from God.
    Heaven is up. Hell is down.

    The string is like the Bible. It represents God.
    You Can Not get to Heaven without the String.
by Larry Jones

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