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The Central Park Church of Christ
"Transformed By Christ to Transform Our World."

CPCC's Mission Statement:
We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ who diligently desire to be transformed into mature disiples grounded in the Bible and empowered by the Holy Spirit to Worship God, advance Christ's Mission, reflect His Character, and offer hope and help to our community and our world.

SUNDAY SCHOOL every week at 9:30!
(masks and 'social distance' are advised)

Every Tuesday, 10 AM, Bible Study.

Thursdays at 5 PM.
Music and Fellowship, ALL are welcome!
There is a Free Light Meal for the Community at 6
Then more music later. All Are Welcome.

An IN DEPTH study of Revelation. It is verse by verse, image by image, idea by idea, and concept by concept, going back to the Greek and the original tone of the book and examining the background material as well. Which means it is a Marathon.
The study Index page. New chapter studies posted as the Tuesday Morning group goes through them.

An Audio Page dedicated to Communion Meditations

We are back in the building.
Masks and 'Distancing' are Allowed.

You still can watch this Sunday's message on our new Youtube Channel,

Or join Live at 10:30 (Illinois time), and then replayed, on our Facebook Page:

the NEWEST Audio Page, the 2021 Page, the 2020 Audio Page includes the FB Live messages from "lockdown",

A Minute for those on "lockdown" "we love you".

A Minute on the current situation from 1 John as broadcast on WITY.

weekly events
Tuesday Morning Bible Study, 10 AM.

See you there!!!


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Location and contact number:
1735 S Washington St, Tilton, IL 61833

217-446-8947 (please leave a message)

CPCC on Facebook..
CPCC's Youtube Channel

The Sunday Morning message is broadcast on AM 980, WITY, Sundays at 9:00 AM Central Time.
The Audio Pages with the "Minute" and "Message" as broadcast.

the NEW Audio Page for 2022,
the 2021 Audio Page,
the 2020 Audio Page includes the FB Live messages from "lockdown",
the Audio Page for most of 2019

the Audio Page for most of 2018
Also visit our Audio Archive from 2017, and recordings from 2016.

Some resources and links that may be of interest to our members and guests.
Including what may have been two of the WORST 'Sunday School Lessons' ever presented!


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